Odd Molly Spring 2011 Cap 2 på vej


Capsule 2 (Anden levering) fra Odd Molly Spring 2011 er på vej til Danmark og ankommer i næste uge.

Her kan du se, de styles der er inkluderet i 2. levering.

M11-020 – crochet grandmas coat
M11-114A – flower cardigan
M11-233A – lovely knit pointelle cardigan
M11-261 – remix blouse
M11-327 – light cotton embroidered s/s
M11-367 – billy jean
M11-533 – dareme skirt
M11-534 – dareme panty
M11-562 – synthesizer jacket
M11-574 – new jersey top
M11-585 – bikette denim jacket
M11-608 – changeling dress
M11-609 – orfeo blouse
M11-611 – hookup tank
M11-611A – hookup dress
M11-612 – hookup sleeved tunic
M11-613 – hookup s/s dress
M11-614 – hookup s/s blouse
M11-615 – hookup s/s tunic
M11-616 – hookup tank dress
M11-617 – hookup l/s jacket
M11-618 – rock-a-fellow silk slip tank
M11-619 – rock-a-fellow silk slip dress
M11-620 – rock-a-fellow silk slip tunic
M11-622 – rock-a-fellow silk s/s top
M11-623 – rock-a-fellow silk l/s top
M11-624 – dareme wrap
M11-625 – dareme tank
M11-643 – cherie blouse
M11-648 – betty mae jumper cardigan
M11-650 – roberta blackgoat cardigan
M11-651 – mercerised skirt
M11-654 – canna cardigan
M11-675 – pointelle legging
M11-676 – honolulu scarf
M11-690 – carrot denim
M11-720 – early spring dress
M11-734 – calamity cardigan
M11-735 – nesbitt cardigan
M11-739 – Daisy canvas summer bag


7 Responses to “Odd Molly Spring 2011 Cap 2 på vej”

  1. Hi Alice, I am looking for a size 3 Hookup s/s dress in vintage chalk 613. I notice that you have this dress listed above, but I don’t know if you will have it in size 3 and in vintage chalk. I would like to buy this from you if possible.

    Many thanks,

  2. 2 Anna

    Hej ! jag vill gärna få tag på ett par Full bloomers i stl 1!

    mvh Anna

  3. 3 annemarie ljungström


    I’m looking for 714 dipdye legwarmer.

    regards, anne-marie

  4. 4 liseleje

    Vi har møde med Odd Molly på tirsdag, hvor vi medbringer alle jeres ønsker. Så kryds fingre – det gør vi i hvert fald :-)

  5. 5 liseleje

    Bianca: We ordered a 613, vintage chalk size 3 for you. It will arrive later today. I will send you an e-mail, when we have it.

    Anna: We are doing everything we can, to get more of those full bloomers, but they are in the 4th delivery, and we can’t re-order, before it’s been delivered. So we’ll keep you posted.

    Annemarie: That style is sadly not in production :-(


  6. 6 Hanne augustenborg

    Im searching odd olly skirt M 11 – 651 size 1
    Hanne Augustenborg

  1. 1 aprende a crear tus propios tejidos al crochet

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